Christmas Magic

I blinked and two months went by.

This holiday season has been a sprint from Halloween through to, well, today actually. Conor left shortly after Thanksgiving to do his reserve drill for two weeks in North Carolina, during which I switched to ‘survival mode’, a phase that usually involves me not working out, eating cheese and crackers for dinner, herding children like a pack of cats, and falling asleep at 9pm. Somehow during this time, I miraculously managed to finish my NaNoWriMo project, 85,000 words of energy that did not get directed toward anything else in life. I didn’t manage to send out Christmas cards (a promise I have literally made to myself EVERY YEAR since W was born, and never succeeded), or take any family photos, really. I opted against forcing my children to sit on a strange man’s lap and tell him their innermost desires. We got our tree only 4 days before Christmas, which did nothing to preclude the influx of new toys I am still trying to organize. Tinsel and lights came down on the 26th to make way for W’s birthday, a party that included 10 preschoolers, zero volume control, and a theme of ‘rainbow unicorns/dinosaurs/Star Wars’.

Which brings us through to today, when I realized how long it has been since I posted on here and how my end-of-the-year slideshow is not going to happen, either. If you are disappointed not to get a montage of the suburban madness that I just described, I apologize. Instead, my time and my incredibly advanced technological skills(/s) are being put toward launching our next project. A year ago, Conor and I came up with an idea for a website to help Marines who are transitioning out of active duty. It’s a volunteer project that we think will make a huge difference against such a confusing process. The site is supposed to go live in January.

January seemed so far away when I made all these lofty goals—It was 2023-Me’s problem! 2022-Me was such a bitch. Wish me luck.


Taylor (and Conor, W, R, and Scout)

Cheers to everyone for making it through 2022!