About Us

Hello, all!

Our names are Taylor and Conor, and we are currently throwing ourselves headfirst into the boating world. We have (pretty much) zero experience, but we are young, dumb, and full of adventurous spirit. From what I’ve read, it seems that both naivete and confidence are necessities when transitioning to a liveaboard lifestyle, and we have that in spades.

This journey is different from most other sailing/cruising blogs because we are a military family. Conor is an artillery officer in the Marine Corps, so the “Cannons” part of “Cannons to Cruising” refers to actual cannons. Conor says it makes us sound like we’re pirates, which I think is pretty bad ass. We have dreams of cruising one day, but right now we are trying to get our feet wet. We hope to inspire other military families to go against the grain and see the benefits of a simplified life that allows greater freedom.

For now, we are embracing the crazy and the “Oh my god, what are we doing?” moments. Follow us as we make all the stupid mistakes so you don’t have to!


Taylor and Conor


4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Guys, thanks for following our blog yesterday, just started with yours and will follow. If you’re on the West Coast, you should let me buy you a beer someday,,,,I’m a Marine Corps Officer as well prepping to go blue water cruising with family. Not too much on my blog about the military part but I’m ok with that. If you ever need anything, let me know. If you are here in Cali, don’t let them throw the property tax at you if you are not California State Residents. You can get out of the annual property tax on your boat by filling out a form for out of state military exemption, part of the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act. I’ve been doing it for several years with my boat in San Diego and it’s helpful.

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    1. Nice to meet you! We just moved from Camp Pendleton to North Carolina, so it will be a while before we are back on the west coast. I hope you’re enjoying that gorgeous California weather and getting some good sailing in! It is always great to meet another Marine Corps family with the same big dreams. I hope your cruising prep is going great. When do you plan on leaving and where are you headed?

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  2. Guys, don’t get rid of your pump head if you’re going to take that boat cruising someday! I have electric heads and wish I didn’t,,,,,as they mostly use fresh water and require electricity to use. Too bad you’re on the east coast,,,,,but your boat looks awesome, keep it up!

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