Holiday Travel

During my 2012 trip to Nicaragua from Costa Rica, I took one backpack with stuff to last a week. I packed a toothbrush, hairbrush, 1 swimsuit, a pair of shorts, 2 t-shirts, flip flops, and a sarong that served as a blanket/towel/cover up depending on the situation. My passport, camera, and cash were my only items of value. I didn’t even have a phone. I certainly don’t remember wearing sunscreen.

I thought of this trip as we checked our baggage at Raleigh airport. The crowds parted like the sea when they saw us coming—a suitcase each for me, W, and Conor, a diaper bag, backpack with electronics, W’s crib, a car seat, Lillibaby harness, stroller, and a pet carry-on case for Scout. We wheeled this teetering monstrosity on a luggage cart amid gazes of awe and pity. Holiday travel with children. Is there anything else like it? If any readers have tips for us, please post below!

There were some things that made the trip easier. Luckily, W had her own seat for the cross-country flight to Seattle. All of our checked bags made it to the other side in one piece. We avoided any meltdowns (both parents and baby). Still, 6 hours entertaining a 1 year old who won’t sleep isn’t easy, and I am not looking forward to our return trip. It is hard living so far away from family! But now that we are here, we are relishing time with family and friends for the holidays. Plane travel with kids will get easier, especially once we don’t need to haul car seats and strollers and diaper bags.

I know that the carefree trips of my college years are part of the past, and I am okay with that. Fulfilling Baby’s needs and comfort are the most important part of taking a family-friendly trip. For that, I will load up as many bags on my back as it takes.


Taylor, Conor, and W

Scout is rockin’ her Christmas sweater

5 thoughts on “Holiday Travel”

  1. Taylor and Conner: Baby’s needs are important, but don’t forget about your own. We traveled with our young kids too, and figured it out. Wine helped. Other folks helped but in the end it was just getting through it. Also, find a homeopathic or other teething solution you can take with you so you can give it to W as needed because of the teething pains, it tends to calm them down on planes. Teething sucks-

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  2. Taylor! I actually have a suggestion, from when I travelled with Tommy during the holidays once. ONCE. I got this strap that attaches the car seat to your carry on luggage. I think it might be called a car seat travel belt? Anyway, it’s this T-shaped strap, with D-rings on each end. You put it around your rolling luggage, then use the LATCH clips and the top tether to attach your carseat to your luggage. BOOM! Instant stroller: kiddo is present and accounted for, you freed up a hand, and kiddo gets to ride through the airport and onto the plane. Bonus points if she falls asleep while riding 🙂 It disconnects in seconds so you can get into your seats on the plane quickly. Also made using the restrooms a lot easier because I could park him in the stall with me! It was about 12 bucks in 2012 on Amazon. The other thing is, let strangers help you. People saw me coming, and they would want to help by making Tommy laugh, or holding our coats while I got out snacks. Happy Holidays! Have a safe return trip! And thanks for the awesome blog posts. I love reading about all your adventures and triumphs!!


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