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While we are still quite a ways off from our cruising dreams, I feel like the next 18 months are going to fly by. We need to start thinking ahead and planning for the future, especially for our financial future. Active duty military life has been a safety net for us, but soon we will be out in the “real” world. So guess what I did? I got a job.

Well, two jobs really. Freelance writing and contracting gigs that I can do from the boat while W is asleep. I am a content creator for an athleisure wear company called DYI and write things like mailers, product description, and ad campaigns. My other job is working for a company called Elite Editing. I’m just doing some of their blog posts right now, but eventually will be editing manuscripts for people looking to self-publish novels and writing the accompanying blurbs/taglines.

Don’t get me wrong, writing novels is still my #1 passion. Actually, I couldn’t have gotten these other jobs without having “Traditionally published author” on my resume. The opportunities came up thanks to some wonderful friends who thought I would be a good fit and encouraged me to apply. Plus, the hours and schedule flexibility were just too good to pass up! As W gets older and more independent, I can increase my workload. Right now, it is great to squirrel away extra money for our cruising kitty.

I feel like I finally have my feet under me with regards to parenting and boat life, and it is time to slowly ease back into the workforce. My book, Cloaked, is still going strong and I have another book on the way (more to come on that soon!). Between writing novels, book promo, two freelance jobs, keeping up this blog, and raising a baby, my brain is always going 100 mph!

Writing, writing, writing, all day long. I never thought I would be able to write for a living, and now that dream is coming true. We will see how it all balances out, especially with the craziness of Marine Corps schedules, but for now I’m staying on top of it all. If anyone has any organizational tips, send them my way!


Taylor, Conor, and W

5 thoughts on “Writer Life”

  1. Taylor:

    Tell Conor that if he’s truly getting out, take TAPS classes as EARLY as possible and don’t let his Command tell him how important things are going on and he can’t be away. The military will roll on but those classes are helpful and will set him up for success down the road. Also, even if you guys don’t have much money to save now….a few things: Look into putting a small amount into stocks like REITS that can pay you decent dividends, make sure to tell Connor not to forget to roll his TSP over to an IRA soon after he gets out and if you guys decide not to get and pay for the military life insurance when he gets out…tell him to do the OPT-OUT before he leaves active duty. I didn’t and I’ve had to do alot of extra time wasting paperwork. I’ve written several posts on how we’re gonna finance our cruising, they’re on my pages but might be helpful- If Taylor has questions that he wants to ask someone outside of his Command, tell him I’m around-

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    1. Wow thank you so much for all the info! The plan right now is for Conor to attend TAPS classes in April, giving us over a year to sort things out. He is looking into the reserves for another branch so we would continue to have health care/retirement, but more flexibility with life than we have now! Looking like the U.S. Virgin Islands might be our home base.

      When are you guys leaving CA?

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      1. We leave in oct of 19 and will take a year then be in the Caribbean. I’ve been to the USVI, but we love the BVI. Prices a bit higher and it’s still in hurricane area but if u tuck the boat in somewhere or put it on the hard you’ll be ok-


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