Proud Fair-weather Sailors

We are fair-weather sailors and not ashamed to admit it. Though one day we aspire to be salty and experienced in all conditions, now is not the time to be reckless. We have a baby on board. Enough said.

I will admit it can be frustrating. In order for us to take the boat out, we have to work around nap schedules, military life, and weather windows. Basically, we have to sail on weekends, with decent temperatures, no storms or high winds in the 12-hour forecast, and be back at the dock in time for baby bedtime routine. This perfection only occurs about once or twice per month, sadly.

Before W came around, “good enough” conditions were just fine. It was a thrill to handle the unexpected, and learn on our toes. Now, it just isn’t worth sacrificing our family happiness to push ourselves to the limit on the boat. Stressed out Mama=stressed out baby, and that means lots of screaming. That is not my idea of quality family time!

So for now we are making the most of our easy sailing days, and focusing on making positive memories with our boat baby. We had an absolutely wonderful, easy sailing day this weekend with some good friends. Sunny, 7 mph winds, and 68 degrees. Conor and I actually got a few pictures together! Can you believe it’s November?

I’m hoping this won’t be our last sail of the season, but I have to accept that it may well be. Last year, temperatures dropped dramatically after Thanksgiving. If we are lucky enough to have good weather for the next few weeks, we will jump on our chance. But if there is any doubt…well, we still have springtime sailing to look forward to!


Taylor, Conor, and W

4 thoughts on “Proud Fair-weather Sailors”

  1. Guys, own it. Be whatever sailors you want to be. We did the same thing out of Camp Pendleton for three years when our boat was there as we go to know her and the kids got older (and we got more confident). Then we got confident enough to make the decision that we needed another boat and took another plunge onto selling one and buying the other. You’re doing great, keep it up-

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    1. Thank you!! Sometimes I feel the pressure to be doing more as we prepare to get out of the Marine Corps in 18 months. I had envisioned off-shore sailing by this point, but life gets in the way! I have to remind myself that we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were just a year ago. The experience will come, just slowly! Hopefully we will be at your level of confidence eventually 🙂 Hope the holidays were good to you and yours this year!

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      1. Guys, we took a long time to get where we are but we’re still not as confident as you think. But,,,,think through what you want to do and where. If you’re dream is to take off cruising, it’s not that expensive and you can easily be a writing author while cruising. Or do whatever else you want to.

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