One Month In

We’ve been living on our boat for over a month! I can’t believe it has been that long already. Also, I can’t believe we are already partway through July. Where did June go?? I wanted to do a quick breakdown of what we love/dislike so far (off the top of our heads). Conor is on leave for a few weeks, so it was a good time to make him brainstorm 🙂

What We Love So Far


  • The feeling of walking on the docks to the boat after a long day at work (I mean, look at that view)
  • Sleeping on the boat
  • It is easy to determine what stuff is important when you have a small space
  • Sailing your house is pretty cool


  • The sense of community at the marina. Everyone looks out for each other
  • Writing up in the cockpit. My office has a view!
  • Sailing (duh)
  • Quality time with Conor (We’re always less than 10 ft from each other!)
  • Personalizing the boat and making it ours


What We Dislike So Far


  • Our toilet. It’s a manual pump. We hate it. It is being replaced soon.
  • Learning to become “spatially aware” (aka not smacking his head on everything in the aft cabin)
  • Fixing stuff. Boat systems are different than house systems. It’s a learning curve. Google is our friend.


  • Laundry. Hauling 2 bags of dirty clothes down the docks in the hot sun to pay $5 per load is nobody’s idea of a good time.
  • Scout’s potty situation. We can’t just let her out in the backyard anymore to do her business! Leash+walks is the new reality.
  • Our toilet.
  • I hate docking/undocking the boat. When will it stop giving me such anxiety??


In other news, we will be taking the boat out on our first solo sail in the next couple of days! Weather permitting, though, we’ve had some terrible rain and thunderstorms over the past two weeks. It looks like there will be a break in the weather on Thursday and Saturday, so stay tuned for a (probably) eventful update!


Taylor and Conor

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